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Public Accounting Degree



It is fundamental that a Public Accountant may have participation among economic and administrative sectors. His presence is indispensable in operational areas and in global processes of growth, investment, marketing, and commercial or credit organization, among enterprises of all type and size.

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Granted Degree: Public Accountant

Length of studies: Four and a half years

Credits system value: 540

System: Semestral

Who is a Public Accountant?
The professional with expertise in generating, managing, and controlling the financial information of the company (either public, private, or social) and whose aim is to guide its accounting, administrative, financial, and tributary decisions. He always does it with ethics and with the company’s welfare as objective.


  • Administrating organizations, at a managing level or at a medium level, several activities such as finance, controllership, general accountant; in areas such as taxes, internal audit, budget, treasury, human factor, and systems development.
  • As a financial executive, investor, and financial enterprises consultant.
  • In independent firms, offering consultancy in areas such as general accounting, audit, business, taxes, systems development, etc. for every kind of organization (public, private, or social).
  • A businessman in the development of the business proper ideas.
  • As an investigator and as a teacher.





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