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Business Economy Degree



The graduates from the Business Economy Degree are distinguished from others, since they count with a theoretical-practical formation based on a strong source of information of a new learning approach characterized by a flexible syllabus, academic mobility, and the usage of new technologies, which allow them to face with creativity and efficiency some challenges they will face during their professional life.

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Granted Degree: Licentiate in Business Economy
Length of Studies: Four and a half years
Credits system value: 328
System: Semestral

Who is a Licentiate in Business Economy?
It is a professional formed with an economy method and discipline. He is able to support business activities among different directions such as studies about demand and supply of products and/or services, planning project, business or material resources planning transactions investigation, and the distribution together with market research. In addition, the professional could be an international business consultant in order to place the enterprises and the country in a globalized world with a competitive advantage.


  • In independent or associate firms consulting any kind of organizations (public, private, or social) which may require his services in areas such as economy, finance, and resources administration.
  • Managing finance, logistics, planning, quality processes, and human factor among different organizations or in his own business.
  • Economy and financial analyst in (private and public) organizations such as banks, guarantee firms, lessors, insurance companies, stock markets, and credit institutions.
  • In the marketing area as a demand and supply or products analyst, and as a market researcher.
  • As a financial executive (director or manager) of any size of business.
  • As a participant in the design, administration, and assessment of world-commerce.
  • As an investigator and as a teacher.




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