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Our mission is to generate, to apply, and to spread knowledge concerning the areas of Management, Public Accounting and Business. This will be done by applying a reasonable and realistic study syllabus of the Economic, Political and Social environments, and by promoting innovation and interdisciplinarity by means of giving a comprehensive education to people with the objective of reaching leadership, competitiveness, and social commitment; all these by taking into account values and principles worldwide accepted.


Our vision is to be an academic unity of advanced level with:

  • Permanently up-dated and certified syllabus.
  • Academic body generating relevant knowledge.
  • Academic and Student body educated with values, attitudes, aptitudes, abilities, and knowledge in the areas of Management, Accounting, and Business.
  • Students eager to grow and to give rise to society’s development.
  • Real links within sectors of society so as to satisfy their demands.
    The Accounting and Management School (FCA, Spanish abbreviation) offers a Superior University Technician in Cooperative Enterprise Management Course; three Degrees: Public Accountant, Licentiate in Management, and Licentiate in Business Economy; three Master’s degrees: Master in Taxation, Master in Management with four specialized areas, and a Master in Business Administration offered together with the University of Moncton (Canada) and the Western Illinois University (USA). FCA also offers the PhD in Management.




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